Welcome to Canada’s Ultimate Flavor Destination

At SGC Food Distributors, we are proud to be a small family-owned business with the big belief that food is so much more than just a basic necessity – it is an experience that should be savored and celebrated. Since 2017, we have worked hard to deliver the unique flavors of Europe to your table. Our passion for food, health, wellness, and adventure has been at the heart of everything we do, so we work hard to source the highest quality and most unique gourmet products worldwide.

Who We Are

At our core, we are a small team of passionate foodies and adventures who can boast over two decades of experience in various food, sales, and entrepreneurial ventures. From the start, we have made it our mission to share our unified love of European cuisine with our fellow Canadians. Throughout the years, our commitment to quality, sustainability, and above all else, flavor has remained at the heart of every product we offer.

What We Offer

At SGC Food Distributors, we offer a diverse selection of gourmet foods and refrigerated deli products delivered directly from some of Europe’s most discerning, elevated, and quality-committed brands. We specialize in health-conscious options, including gluten-free, vegan, and organic products. From olive oils and vinegar to cheeses and cured meats, we are proud to provide a boost of flavor, sophistication, and excitement into the lives of our customers. In addition to being Canada’s premier European food connection, we are proud to support other local producers to expand and compete in the retail market.

Why Quality Matters

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do – simple. We believe that food is so much more than nourishment for our bodies: It is an invitation to fuel our souls, create connections, and make memories that will last a lifetime. We work tirelessly to cultivate an incredible culinary experience for our customers by building meaningful, lasting partnerships with producers who share our values and respect the source of their ingredients.


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